3 Creative Ways to Use Lego Bricks Around the House

Believe it or not, they’re not just for kids. 

These colorful construction pieces function as much more than a toy. Here, they transform into clever household hacks: a gift-wrap stamp, plant drain pebbles, and even a phone charging station. The additional materials used to make these items are probably already lying around the house. Now, if only we could invent an alarm to warn us when a rogue piece is underfoot.


Gift Wrap Stamp

Photo by Aaron Dyer

Save money on pricy gift paper with this easy solution. First, apply acrylic paint to the studs of a Lego piece with a sponge or brush. Then, press the block onto craft paper repeatedly for inexpensive (and kid-friendly) custom wrapping paper. Alternate block shapes and colors for a unique design.


Plant Drain Pebbles

Photo by Aaron Dyer

Potting your favorite green beauty? This planter hack is simple and gardener-approved. Place a handful of the blocks at the bottom of your planter before adding the soil and plant. This will help to prevent root rot caused by inadequate drainage when watering. Your plants will thank you.


Phone Charging Station

Photo by Aaron Dyer

First, stack two baseplates (gray and green) for stability. Then build Legos into a rectangular block with a window or arch piece at the front for the charging cord. Add a support column at the back to prop up the phone. Use a Lego figure on the baseplate to hold the other end of the cord (their hands are the perfect width to grip it!). You can even use a larger baseplate and Lego pieces to make an iPad charging station.