Repurpose your surplus—these hacks will be helpful long after the takeout arrives.

Ordering in? Don't throw out those complimentary wooden utensils. Repurpose the set with these hacks and make your life a little easier whether you're toasting bread, portioning meat, or drying a silicone bag.

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Cool Things to Do With Chopsticks: Toaster Tongs
Credit: Corey Olsen

1 Toaster Tongs

Pluck bagels or toast with a quick pinch and save your fingers from being singed. Wood doesn't conduct electricity, so chopsticks (as long as they aren't wet) are safer than metal utensils.

Cool Things to Do With Chopsticks: Trivet
Credit: Corey Olsen

2 Trivet

When your buffet has more casseroles than your kitchen has hot pads, place a pan on three chopsticks spaced two inches apart.

Cool Things to Do With Chopsticks: Hamburger Helper
Credit: Corey Olsen

3 Hamburger Helper

Before freezing ground beef, flatten it in a ziplock bag and carve out portions with a chopstick. Rather than defrosting all of it, just break off what you need.

Cool Things to Do With Chopsticks: Bag-Drying Rack
Credit: Corey Olsen

4 Bag-Drying Rack

Drape a just-washed plastic or silicone bag over two crisscrossed chopsticks in a cup. No more fused-shut or permanently soggy snack bags!