Parmesan French toast, anyone?

By Grace Elkus

Pinterest recently released the Pinterest 100, a compilation of their predictions for the biggest trends of the upcoming year. Between gardening gear and the top travel destinations, the list is extensive—but we were most intrigued by the top trends in food and drink. From zoodles to beermosas, here are Pinterest's top 10 predictions.

1. Avocado Oil
Sayonara, coconut oil. In 2016, avocado oil—pressed from the pulp of an avocado—will be the star in salad dressings, condiments, and even fruit salad.


2DYOB: Distill Your Own Booze
Every type of booze has its own fascinating backstory. Vodka is produced from potatoes or rice, while whiskey is created from a variety of grains.


10. Veggie Swaps
Carbs are so 2015. Zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash will take the place of pasta, while mashed cauliflower could replace mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. 


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