And we can't wait to get our hands on some. 

By Maddy Sims
Updated August 09, 2017
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When it comes to baking, eating cookie dough is a universally known no-no. But recently, eggless cookie dough has become a tasty trend. It’s completely safe to eat and just as delicious as freshly baked cookies. And now the irresistible treat includes another dessert powerhouse: Oreos. Yes, that’s right. Edible Oreo cookie dough is now available for purchase.

The Cookie Dough Café, the company responsible for this new yummy snack, makes edible cookie dough in other tasty flavors like confetti, naked, chocolate chip, monster, and oatmeal chocolate chip. But they also have been selling a cookies and cream flavor, which, according to the company, is “creamy, delicious, and loaded with chunks of Oreo® cookies.”

Turns out, the biggest difference between the existing flavor and this new creation may be in the packaging. The new product comes with the official Oreo logo, indicating it's loaded with those delicious chocolate sandwich cookies.

The Cookie Dough Café teased the new flavor with an Instagram post with hashtags revealing that the new Oreo-labeled item would be sold exclusively at Mariano’s Market.

If you don’t live near a Mariano’s store, you’ll have to stick with ordering the existing flavors from The Cookie Dough Café’s website or through You can order four-packs of single-serving cups or bundles of pints so that you have enough cookie dough to go around. If you’d rather skip the wait, you can also find select flavors in local supermarkets across the country, or you can make your own using this recipe.