They’re here to save you from hangry meltdowns.

By Katie Macdonald
August 15, 2019
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Even though I’m a pro at packing filling lunches, I start searching for something to nibble on around 3 p.m every day. It’s the time I need a quick recharge, a bite to power me through until I get home for dinner. (Not to mention it saves me from hangry meltdowns.)

The best snacks are both nutritious and flavorful, which is why I’m so excited about Daily Harvest’s brand new Bites, a collection of delicious, energy-rich snacks that look and taste like cookie dough. 

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Made from whole-food, organic ingredients like chickpeas, dates, avocados, and hazelnuts, the snacks come in three sweet flavors: Cacao Nib + Vanilla, Chocolate + Hazelnut, and Coconut + Lemon. Each Bite is gluten-free, plant-based, and packed with energy-rich fats and superfoods like maca, reishi, and galangal to keep you full and focused. Plus, they require no work or wait—you just eat them straight from the freezer.

Want more delicious details? I tried the bites earlier this week — read on to hear my thoughts.

Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bites

For a taste of cookie dough without the added sugar, snack on these bites. They get their sweetness from dates, real vanilla beans, and crunchy cacao nibs, plus a pumpkin-chickpeas base lends the creamiest texture. These were my favorite of the three because it really felt like I was eating cookie dough!

To buy: $7 per cup;

Coconut + Lemon Bites

These were the lightest of the three bites, flavored with fresh lemon zest and grated ginger. Comforting coconut and cinnamon brought some sweetness and evoked that promised macaroon taste. The bites also boast antioxidant and immune-boosting support, thanks to that ginger and galangal.

To buy: $7 per cup;

Hazelnut + Chocolate Bites

These fudgy bites taste just like the Nutella truffles of your dreams. (My chocoholic roommate loved them!) The contrast of creamy avocado base and crunchy hazelnuts were great, and it includes soothing reishi mushrooms and cacao.

To buy: $7 per cup;