4 Clever Uses for Distilled White Vinegar

This neutral-tasting vinegar made from distilled alcohol is an inexpensive miracle worker, handy for cooking and cleaning, thanks to its high acidity.


Neater Eggs

Photo by Ian Batchelor/Getty Images

Add a couple of tablespoons to the boiling or poaching water to help the whites set more quickly. If a shell cracks when you’re boiling whole eggs, the vinegar will help the white to set and keep it from oozing. It also prevents poached eggs from fraying.


No-Stick Pasta

Sure, stirring during boiling keeps a giant mass from forming. But the noodles are still sticky after draining. (Alkaline water is to blame.) A tablespoon of white vinegar neutralizes the water and reduces starchiness. Try adding some to the boiling water for fluffier white rice, too.


Flavor Fixer

There’s no magical cure for overly sweet or salty food. But a dash of vinegar will highlight individual components of a sauce, a soup, or a braise, tricking your taste buds into ignoring an overall off flavor.


Produce Cleaner

Many store-bought produce cleaners are expensive and contain chemicals. Instead, fill a spray bottle with 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar. Spritz fruits and vegetables, then rinse thoroughly with water to remove 98 percent of surface bacteria.