The Secrets to a Perfectly Dressed Salad

Not too little, not 
too much.


Step 1

Photo by Greg DuPree

Dry the greens thoroughly with a salad spinner, or pat them dry with paper towels. An oil-based dressing can’t coat wet leaves evenly.


Step 2

First dress the bowl: Drizzle the dressing around the wall of a mix­ing bowl, creating one big, circu­lar shape.


Step 3

Right before you’re ready to serve, place the greens in 
the mixing bowl and 
gently toss. The greens will pick up just enough dressing from the wall. Lift the salad from the mixing bowl into the serving bowl. Any extra dressing will be left behind.


Extra Credit

Serve salad 
on chilled plates. If you have time, pop the 
plates in the refrigerator for about 
5 minutes before eat
ing; the cool surface 
keeps a salad 
perky longer.