11 Tasty Nachos Recipes That Will Completely Change the Way You Think About Chips and Cheese

Think outside the chip bag with these creative homemade nachos.

Homemade nachos recipes - how to make nachos (nachos in skillet)
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If we could all eat nachos every day, the world might be a brighter, happier place. Really, though, beyond nutritional concerns, there's no real reason you can't eat nachos every day if you change up your nachos recipes enough—and with the right ingredients, you can even make nachos borderline healthy. (Or at least healthy enough to be counted among the healthy Super Bowl snacks.)

Homemade nachos can be just as tasty as the stadium or restaurant thing, and they can be healthier, too. Again, it's all in the topping choices, and with the right ones—think butternut squash—you can turn this indulgent Super Bowl food into a full meal for a crowd.

While Asian nachos offer a delicious spin on the classic chips-and-cheese base, there are plenty of other ways to change up your nachos dish. Best of all, you can set up a toppings bar, so even the pickiest eater can put exactly what they want on their plate. From chicken nachos to vegetarian nachos recipes, this list has it all—but before you look through all our recipes, check out our helpful guide to making nachos at home. You may just be inspired to put together your own nachos combo. If not, never fear—more recipes await.

How to make nachos

How to make nachos: Recipes for 3 ultimate nachos snacks
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No-fail nachos recipes

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Cheesy Chicken Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Cheesy Chicken Nachos
Greg DuPree

Turn a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken into the nachos recipe of your dreams with this easy dish, which bakes in the oven and has plenty of opportunities for you to add or take away the ingredients of your choice.

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Not-So-Average Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Not-So-Average Nachos
Marcus Nilsson

For chicken nachos unlike anything you've tried before, turn to this take on the dish. You'll pre-melt the cheese—using 1 percent milk for a lighter topping—and pour them directly over your chips, no baking necessary. Your chips will stay fresh-from-the-bag crispy, and you'll have the same gooey, delicious mess of a dish you know and love.

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Barbecue Chicken Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Barbecue Chicken Nachos
Levi Brown

For a fun twist, change up your typical nacho toppings with shredded rotisserie chicken, barbecue sauce, and Cheddar.

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Green Chile Steak Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Green Chile Steak Nachos
Greg DuPree

The addition of seared skirt steak makes these nachos feel positively classy. With green chiles, radish, and red onion on top of the two-blend cheese, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering.

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Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Nachos
Caitlin Bensel

For vegetarian nachos, this easy dish is just the thing—and it's plenty filling, too. Roasted, sliced sweet potatoes replace tortilla chips for a more veggie-focused meal. With black beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, and cotija cheese on top, it's an explosion of high-end ingredients—and flavors.

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Single-Serve Nacho Cups

Homemade nachos recipes - Single-Serve Nacho Cups
Grace Elkus

Enjoy all the flavors of nachos without the mess with this recipe, which calls for baking your chips and ingredients in a muffin tin so it's all pre-portioned (and more sanitary to share).

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Spicy Corn and Chorizo Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Spicy Corn and Chorizo Nachos
Levi Brown

Pickled jalapeño slices provide a spicy kick balanced out by sweet kernels of corn.

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Braised Pork and Squash Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Braised Pork and Squash Nachos
Victor Protasio

Surprise: Butternut squash is the nachos ingredient you never knew you needed. Paired with shredded pork for protein (and rich, tender flavor), this nachos recipe will raise a few eyebrows—and then have everyone coming back for seconds.

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Breakfast Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Breakfast Nachos

While this dish is an unbeatable hangover cure, it's also a must-try for breakfast fans everywhere. Loaded with hash browns, breakfast sausage, and fried egg, it's got everything you want for breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) in every bite.

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Mango Chutney and Yogurt Nachos

Homemade nachos recipes - Mango Chutney and Yogurt Nachos
Levi Brown

Give nachos a surprising Indian-inspired spin with mango chutney, yogurt, and cilantro—all with the necessary melted cheese, of course.

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Nachos With Fresh Corn Salsa

Homemade nachos recipes - Nachos With Fresh Corn Salsa
Levi Brown

For a lighter nacho option, try adding a corn, red onion, and jalapeño blend on top of the essential cheese-over-chips. Sprinkle with avocado and sour cream for a snack that feels plenty filling without getting too heavy.

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