11 Ways to Upgrade Deviled Eggs That Will Make Them Tastier Than Ever

Say goodbye to bland deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Green Onions
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Whether you've got deviled eggs on the brain because Easter is just around the corner or you're planning a brunch with friends, there's no denying that the popular Southern dish has many uses, regardless of what time of year it is. And while it's important to know the deviled egg basics—including how to prepare them in an air fryer and an Instant Pot—it's arguably just as crucial to know exactly how to kick the classic appetizer up a notch.

Luckily, deviled eggs are one of the most versatile dishes around, and thanks to their creamy filling, pair well with a variety of different tastes and textures. Want to add a bit more spice to your deviled eggs? Mix in some wasabi. In need of a satisfying crunch? Garnish your deviled eggs with some crispy bacon bits. Trust us, the options are (basically) endless, and it doesn't take much to give deviled eggs a meaningful zhuzh.

Keep reading for easy ways to upgrade your deviled eggs!

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Top with caviar

If you're feeling really fancy, top your finished deviled eggs with a dollop of caviar. The delicacy will give your eggs some texture and a delicate fresh fish flavor. And if you've got some crème fraîche lying around, go ahead and add that to the egg mixture for some additional creaminess. (Pro-tip: If caviar doesn't work with your budget, use salmon roe instead. Though it's not the same as caviar, the texture and taste are similar.)

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Add smoked salmon

Since deviled eggs are inherently creamy, they pair well with other creamy ingredients, like buttery pieces of smoked salmon. Whether you top your eggs with a bit of smoked salmon or chop the cured fish up and work it into the egg mixture, the result is satisfying and delicious. Not a smoked salmon fan? Top the eggs with jumbo lump crab instead.

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Garnish with bacon bits

The only thing that's arguably missing from a standard deviled egg recipe is a satisfying crunch. Remedy that in the best way possible by sprinkling cooked bacon bits on top of each egg half. In addition to delivering some ace texture, bacon bits also add a smoky quality to the brunch classic. For a fun twist, finely diced pancetta—a salt-cured pork belly salume—also works well.

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Fold in the cheese

There's no denying that eggs and cheese pair well together in an omelet or a scramble, so it's no surprise that cheese elevates deviled eggs as well. While just about any cheese variety will do, sharp cheeses—think shredded Cheddar, blue cheese crumbles, or gouda chunks—tend to stand out the most and really take the flavor of the dish to a whole new level. We recommend folding small bits of whatever cheese you decide to use directly into the egg mixture so the flavors can really meld together.

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Experiment with curry powder

Smoked paprika is called for in many a deviled egg recipe, and it does a great job of adding some complex smokiness to the savory appetizer. For something a bit bold and spicier, try using some curry powder in your egg mixture instead. Just remember to add a little bit of curry powder to the yolk mixture at a time so it doesn't inadvertently get a little too spicy.

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Try truffle oil

If you're looking for an easy yet fancy deviled egg upgrade, invest in a small bottle of high-quality truffle oil. Though a tad pricey, a little bit of truffle oil goes a long way. Case in point: Mix one tablespoon of the fragrant oil into your egg yolk mixture to take the dish to the next level. If you're feeling particularly fancy, you can also garnish your truffled deviled eggs with a dash of chopped black truffles or truffle salt.

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Play with pesto

Pesto has many, many culinary uses, so it's no surprise that it makes for a really tasty deviled egg filling and adds a real richness and depth of flavor to the dish. Simply mix about two tablespoons of bright green pesto (preferably homemade) into the egg yolk mixture, and you're good to go. Feel free to play around with the amount of pesto you use, which is all about personal preference.

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Sprinkle a dash of lemon juice

Adding a bit of fresh lemon juice (about 2 teaspoons per dozen eggs) to your yolk mixture is a super simple way to give your deviled eggs a bit of acidity and freshness, which is perfect for any springtime gathering. Put the rest of the lemon to good use by garnishing your deviled egg platter with bright lemon zest.

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Reach for the wasabi

An easy way to add some familiar spice to your yolk mixture is to stir in some wasabi. Start by adding about 1 teaspoon of the flavorful green stuff (per six eggs) and go from there. Obviously the more wasabi you use, the spicier your deviled eggs will become. Garnish the eggs with dried seaweed flakes and black sesame seeds and you're good to go!

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Dress with chopped cornichons

Anything pickled, including a bite-sized cornichon, is a great match for a rich deviled egg. Plus, garnishing your eggs with chopped cornichons is really easy to do. You can even up the briny factor by adding a few teaspoons of the pickle juice directly to the egg yolk mixture.

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Add a pop of color to the outside

You can top your deviled eggs with any number of ingredients to make them taste spicier, creamier, or more tart, and you can also give the egg white an upgrade if you want to add a bit more color to the plate. Soaking the cooked eggs in vegetable juice will add color and flavor to the white. Beet juice, carrot juice, or turmeric are a few tasty, lovely-looking options that are especially fun for the Easter holiday.

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