Here’s one way to avoid ever serving bland mashed potatoes again. And BTW, the "secret ingredient" is already in your pantry.

Is it just me, or is TikTok becoming a food hack force of nature? This video-sharing platform has brought the best customizable quesadillas, perfectly crispy roasted potatoes, three-ingredient cloud bread, Christmas Crack, and mini pancake cereal to the masses. And I'm fairly certain everyone on planet earth is making baked feta pasta tonight.

The latest life-saving cooking trick comes from comedian Jourdyn Jeaux Parks, and it solves a problem many cooks have encountered: Mastering a foolproof method for making creamy, flavor-packed mashed potatoes. We all have our personal favorite mashed potato tips and mistakes to avoid when cooking them, but this is one we're particularly fond of: Boiling the spuds in a mix of chicken broth (or beef stock) mixed with water, instead of just plain water.

"I personally like the skin on my potatoes," Parks says. "So I wash them, then I rub them down with avocado oil. But if you don't like to keep the skin [on your potatoes], you peel your potatoes, you can cut your potatoes in half, then you add a cup of water and put them in either chicken broth or beef stock depending on what [meat] you're going to serve the mashed potatoes with."

Yes, you heard that correctly. "So chicken broth, and then just a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan sea salt in there, and you boil them in that. This will lock in the flavor. So when you do add your adobo seasoning, your salt, your butter, your milk, and all of that, it just makes them a lot more creamy, and they'll be… delicious."

Her tip is secret genius. Why? Because boiling spuds in a combination of water and broth or stock will infuse each one with the deliciously salty-savory flavor of the broth. Match chicken broth with a poultry dinner and beef stock with red meat (and FYI, if you're vegetarian, this trick will totally work with vegetable stock, too). The taste and textural difference will really come across after you mash the boiled potatoes with all your other ingredients, like milk, butter, or fresh herbs—think decadent richness, and more robust flavor. Don't sleep on her avocado oil idea either.

Oh, and her video has already received over 103,000 views, 6,300 likes, and nearly 800 comments, so it seems like the masses agree.