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Consider this the ultimate resource for genius ways to save time in the kitchen, waste less food, and make all of your meals more delicious. This month: We're sharing our Thanksgiving survival guide—how to stuff, roast and carve a turkey, and prepare all the fixings without losing your mind.

Turkey Tips

How Long to Cook a Turkey, in One Easy Chart
You have your bird, but how long, exactly, should you plan to cook it to ensure Thanksgiving dinner is served on time? Here's a handy turkey cooking chart.
How Long to Thaw a Turkey, in One Easy Chart
Whether your turkey is still frozen on Thanksgiving morning or you're prepping things a week out, here's how long it takes for a turkey to thaw—and how to do it safely.
How to Carve a Turkey
Carving a turkey has never been so easy. Here's how to nail the final frontier before you dig in.

Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Prep

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

12 Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipes to Make This Thanksgiving

Can it with the store-bought version—try one of these refreshing (and simple) renditions instead.