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Whether you've been barbecuing for years or are just starting out, we'll make it simple with buyer's guides for grilling, pro tips for cooking everything under the sun, and must-know food safety smarts.

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How to Grill Anything to Perfection—Your Guide to Technique, Temperatures, and Seasoning

Summertime is synonymous with grill season. This primer covers everything from how to grill steak and salmon to searing potatoes and plum tomatoes and more. Whether you're new to grilling or a seasoned pit master, you'll want to keep this helpful handbook in your back pocket all summer long, because it's far too easy to forget the safe internal temperature guidelines for cooking beef, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood. Plus there's endless opportunity to find new foods that taste delicious with a char, like citrus fruits, eggplant, and even avocados. After reading this guide, you're going to cruise the farmer's market with a whole new outlook on what your grill can do. As for seasoning, most foods will taste great if you add just a little salt, pepper, and olive oil beforehand. That's the beauty of grilling: it's a fuss-free cooking method meant to  elevate an ingredient's natural flavor without much elbow grease. That being said, if you want even more flavor, there are endless mouthwatering marinades you can add to your meat or veggies before they're barbecued. And if you're hosting a barbecue and need some simple summer sides, we've got tons here. Don't forget the rosé! Once the party's over, always make sure you're keeping your grill clean with the right methods. You'll thank yourself when you go back for more bonding time with your barbecue. RELATED: The Ultimate Guide to Grilling Vegetables, According to Professional Chefs
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