This National Burrito Day (April 5), show your burrito the love it deserves and smother it in queso. 

By Dawn Perry
Updated April 05, 2018
Credit: Jennifer Causey

Burritos come in many shapes and sizes. Actually, that’s not true at all. Burritos (should) come in exactly one shape and generally a similar size. But, making or ordering a burrito (especially on National Burrito Day) is a deeply personal experience. As all burrito-lovers know, to each their very own.

I, for instance, take my burrito without rice—why bulk up with rice when you could add guac?—I prefer pinto beans to black, cheese (obviously), NO sour cream thankyouverymuch, and extra green (if you know what I mean). Strong loyalties and particular preferences abound and are part of what makes building a burrito feel like an act of self-care. That is to say, you get to have it your way.

But this morning I was turned on to a wild idea that has me rethinking my narrow-minded burrito approach altogether. Associate Food Editor, Ananda Eidelstein casually mentioned adding queso to her burrito and it stopped me in my tracks.

“Queso in your burrito?” I asked.

“It’s just something I wish I had more of in my life,” Ananda said with a shrug.

“Queso, you mean?”

“Queso in burritos,” she said, “and queso in general.”

So, Instead of cheese—cheddar, Jack or cheddar-Jack—Ananda explained, one could choose queso. By nature, queso has more flavor and complexity than cheese alone. And, while I’m not a fan of sour cream (I don’t like the way it melts), I often crave its dual properties, moist and creamy. Thus, queso eliminates the need for sour cream offering richness and unctiousness without getting gross. Queso’s unique molecular structure—at once liquid, at once solid—also helps to bind the fillings together for a tidier burrito-eating experience. Shredded cheese just can't compete.

Want to add queso to your burrito this National Burrito Day? Try our chorizo and poblano queso or this creamy corn dip. (Don’t let that name fool you—it's just queso in costume)

For a solid burrito blueprint, try our Bean, Spinach, and Quinoa version. Or, if you want to feel really smart, make these Sweet Potato and Bean Burritos and stash them in your freezer. You'll be burrito—and queso—ready at all times.