I Tried That Viral TikTok Potato Peeling Hack—Here's What Happened

Need to peel a large bag of potatoes? Find out if this hack will actually help you.

During my first job in a kitchen, I worked endless hours peeling potatoes and carrots. The task, though seemingly simple and easy, required more attention and precision than I initially expected. Admittedly, my potato-peeling speed wasn't as fast as it should've been because I worried I would accidentally shave off the top of my finger with one wrong slice.

If only I had access to a viral TikTok potato peeling hack back then. Now that I have discovered a potentially finger-saving method, it was time I tested it out to see if it would improve my current technique. I may not be ready to start my own cooking TikTok, but here's how this experiment went.

Viral Potato Peeling Hack

According to a recent TikTok video, this mundane kitchen task shouldn't be as slow-going and, more importantly, as dangerous as it often becomes. Sonny Hurrell, the TikTok user behind @thatdudecancook, explains that peeling potatoes for dishes like scalloped potatoes or French fries can be done more efficiently and safely using a simple household item—a fork! Hurrell shows that by simply stabbing the top end of the potato with a fork, you can more easily grip the spud for peeling.

Testing It Out

To test out whether or not this seemingly easy potato peeling hack could remedy my food-prep woes, I peeled a large bag of potatoes two different ways. Using a Y-peeler for both methods and similarly sized potatoes, I timed peeling potatoes for one minute using the different techniques and noted the results. (Very scientific, I know.)

Traditional Method

When peeling potatoes the traditional way, I found that I could peel approximately five potatoes in one minute by gripping the potato with one hand while peeling it with the other. Again, I found that I wasn't able to work as quickly as I would have liked because I was concerned about accidentally missing the spud's surface and landing on my exposed fingertips. I was more focused on the accuracy of my cuts than my speed. Unfortunately, peeling a large bag of this starchy veggie for a family-sized portion of creamy mashed potatoes would take an exceptionally long time.

TikTok Method

Putting the TikTok hack into action, I stuck a metal fork in one of the potato's pointed ends. Using my Y-peeler, I used short, swift motions to peel the potato quickly and efficiently. I started at the fork's base and worked my way to the other end of the potato, covering more ground with each stroke. I found that I wasn't as worried about where the peeler landed, and I could peel much faster than I normally would. In one minute, I was able to peel eight potatoes, about one-and-a-half times as many potatoes as the previous method.


Though the TikTok method was faster and more efficient, I did find that my cuts were not as precise. I discovered that in my scraps, I had bits of potato flesh mixed in with the peels. To counteract my unnecessary food waste, I made sure to compost the excess kitchen scraps. Overall, I felt comforted knowing that my fingers were out of harm's way and found that I worked faster on the task when using the fork for stability, despite the lack of precision.

Time-Saving Hack

While working at a restaurant, I discovered yet another potato peeling hack to save time and a messy kitchen. Lay a sheet of parchment paper on your work surface and peel your potatoes above it. Once you're done with the task, you can easily pick up the scraps using the parchment paper to transfer to your compost bin. If the potato peel pile becomes too large, reuse the parchment paper to transfer the leftovers between batches as you go.

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