3 Genius Apps That Simplify Meal Planning

Kick off the new school year with an organized dinner routine.  



Photo by Getty Images/Cozi

This easy-to-use app (owned by Real Simple's parent company, Time Inc.) features a streamlined Recipe Box, which allows you to transfer recipe ingredients to your in-app grocery list. The list is accessible to every member of the family, meaning anyone can swing by the store to shop. Once you start dinner prep, turn on Cozi's “Cooking Mode,” which keeps your screen lit so you don’t have to touch it with dirty fingers. Genius!

Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone



LaLa Lunchbox

Photo by itunes.apple.com

This adorable app takes the stress out of packing lunches by getting kids involved in choosing their meal (the app makes planning into a fun feed-the-monster game). New dietary-specific bundles ensure that every kid, no matter their allergies or dietary restrictions, can use LaLa Lunchbox.

Devices: iPhone


BigOven App

Photo by BigOven.com

With a database of more than 350,000 recipes, there’s no shortage of inspiration in this app. Seasonal collections featured on the home screen ensure you’re using the freshest in-season ingredients. Our favorite feature of BigOven? The “Use Up Leftovers,” which suggests a recipe you can make with the three ingredients you enter.

Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone