It's as easy as a firm whack and a twist of the wrist.
How to pit an avocado
Credit: The Ellaphant in the Room

Step 1: Using a sturdy knife, slice into the avocado lengthwise on one side. With the blade resting on the pit, rotate the knife around the avocado to create 2 halves. Twist the halves to separate them.

Step 2: Rest the avocado half with the pit on a folded kitchen towel. Give the pit a whack with the knife, aiming straight into its center.

Step 3: Holding the avocado half in the towel, rotate the knife to loosen the pit. Lift it off while it’s still wedged on the blade. Knock the pit on the edge of the sink to dislodge it.

Step 4: Use the tip of the knife to slice or dice the avocado flesh within the skin. Scoop out the flesh with a large spoon.