Recipe Prep

Prepare your kitchen workspace and ingredients for the best meals you can find with these how-tos and helpful pieces of advice. Learn how to cut an avocado, how to freeze blueberries, how to season cast iron, and more prep-step tips and tricks to test out before you really get cooking.

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How to Cut an Avocado Like a Pro

Follow the simple steps in this video to make working with avocados a breeze—and get you a step closer to that guacamole.

How to Freeze Blueberries

Grab the berries during peak season and freeze for year-round use. Here’s how.

The Foolproof, Four-Step Method For Melting Chocolate

Bid farewell to those burnt bits of chocolate in the bottom of your mixing bowl for good.

How To: Peel and Chop an Onion

Learn how to cut an onion properly, quickly, and efficiently.

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