5 Online Culinary Classes That Will Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills at Home

They're all free or low-cost, too.

A steady diet of home-cooked meals—though healthful and economical—can bring on a serious case of cooking fatigue. Once that fine line between reverting to the same go-to meals week after week, and getting ourselves into a culinary rut is crossed, an occasional restaurant visit may help relieve symptoms of cooking fatigue temporarily. But to cure such a malady, look no further than your PC or phone.

Many professional chefs have taken to digital platforms to expand their fan base beyond just dine-in customers by streaming lessons on how to cook like they do. Some chefs provide recipes in advance, so you can cook along; others focus on technique, like knife skills. These online cooking class platforms can up your cooking game for little to no cost. Cooking fatigue be gone!

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Instagram may be the place you scroll through perfectly styled food and quick videos for recipe inspiration, but chefs are using it to share their culinary secrets. Follow your favorite chefs and food personalities to find out about upcoming online tutorials on Instagram Live, or watch recordings on IGTV.

A few suggestions: @EdenEats, @MissyARobbins, @MassimoBottura, and @GhettoGastro.

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Institute of Culinary Education

In 2020, New York City-based ICE added free online cooking classes to their menu, targeting home cooks of all levels via Zoom Webinars. At ICE's premier recreational cooking school, pros guide you through online versions of their consistently sold-out classes—such as plant-based comfort foods, the ultimate cookies, one-pot paella, festive Taco Tuesdays, and basic sous vide techniques.

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To learn from some of the world's most successful and renowned chefs, look no further than MasterClass, which specializes in lessons in a wide range of topics presented by those at the top of their field.

For cooking, classes are split into several lessons with accompanying resources (like recipe books). You'll find courses designed and led by Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Gabriela Camara, and many more household names. A subscription to access all classes is $15 per month, billed annually.

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This online cooking school grants culinary degrees, but if you just want to have some fun in the kitchen at home, you can also enroll. Courses range from the 12-hour Culinary RX ($40), which helps build culinary confidence; to a 90-day module on vegan desserts ($400); to six-month culinary programs to prepare aspiring chefs.

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This online education platform allows culinary professionals and enthusiasts from all backgrounds to share their knowledge via short videos on everything from chocolate-making to classic Indian cuisine. Some classes are free, but most require a subscription of $15 monthly (or $90 annually). This interactive program enables students to upload photos of what they've made for instructor and peer feedback, as well as ask questions and receive advice.

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