It cut my prep time in half—and resulted in the best latkes I've ever made.

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Latkes in Frying Pan
Credit: tovfla/Getty Images

I love a good latke. But do I love them enough to endure the time it takes (and inevitable injury) to grate 3 pounds of russet potatoes and a large yellow onion on my box grater? I’m not so sure.

Luckily, I discovered a new latke recipe that requires no suffering whatsoever. The answer was in my kitchen (and in Real Simple recipes) all along: the food processor.

I have no shortage of praise for my food processor—and for its slicing disk, which makes easy work of shaving raw brussels sprouts. But I’ve always kept the other attachments tucked away in my closet, alongside the pasta attachment to my KitchenAid, my spiralizer, and other gadgets I don’t often use. They were out of sight and out of mind, and, honestly, I didn’t foresee myself every needing them. I’m not a caterer. Would I ever really be grating that much cheese or that many vegetables that I would need the machine to do it for me?

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The answer is not usually, except when Hanukkah rolls around and it's time to make latkes. Last night, my roommates and I served latkes to three friends—a total of six hungry latke-eaters. That means making at least 18 latkes, and honestly, this was a pretty small Hannukah get-together. Imagine if I were feeding 15 friends!

Instead of grating the potatoes and onions by hand, I simply attached the shredding disk to the food processor and let it do the work. It took less than a minute for the magic to happen.

One important thing to note: using the food processor does not eliminate the need to thoroughly squeeze out the moisture from your grated potatoes. Wring them out in a dish towel, then wring and wring some more, until they feel dry to the touch and no more water drips from the towel. That’s the key to crispy latkes.

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Oh, and now that you have latkes: we suggest making these latke sliders with brisket.