The Fastest Way to Seed a Pomegranate

Instead of buying the packaged seeds, which are more expensive and less fresh, try this three-step method for the whole fruit. Enjoy the seeds in salads, dips, or cocktails.


Score and Peel.

Photo by Melinda Josie

Score a circle about 2 inches below the crown with a sharp paring knife. Grip the knob on top of the crown and carefully peel away the circle of skin.



Photo by Melinda Josie

You will expose 4 to 6 sections of seeds that are divided by a white membrane. Score the skin between each section, using the membrane as a guide. (The skin thickens into a slight ridge where it meets the membrane.)


Pry Open.

Photo by Melinda Josie

Pull the bulk of the membrane right out. Using both hands, pry the sections open. Remove the shreds of membrane that cling to the outside of each section, then scoop out the seeds with a spoon.