It’s Easier Than You Think to Make a Soufflé

And the results are stunning.

Mastering the classic French dessert isn’t as hard as you think—especially if you remember these three crucial tips. Want to give it a spin? Try this scrumptious French Toast Souffle, which really tastes like French toast, only five times as fluffy. Or, may we recommend this decadent chocolate version?


Eliminate fat

Photo by Kendyll Hillegos

Traces of fat—a bit of egg yolk or even a greasy mixing bowl—prevent egg whites from reaching voluminous peaks when you whip. To prevent any contamination, separate eggs carefully, and wipe bowls clean with white vinegar before you start.


Take it slow

Don’t rush when folding whipped whites into the soufflé base. Stop when it’s just combined. The goal is to preserve those foamy egg whites. The air bubbles expanding in the oven help the soufflé rise.


Don’t fear the fall

It’s natural for soufflés to deflate as they cool, so be sure to take them straight from oven to table.