If you've ever wonderful how to cut a watermelon without making a mess (and wasting any precious pink flesh), this is the best way to do it.

Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit: it's sweet, refreshing, and just juicy enough to quench your thirst on sweltering days. You can bring it to the beach or a barbecue as-is, or serve it in a salad, cocktail, granita, or make it into jelly.

It's also incredibly inexpensive when it’s in season as long as you steer clear of those pricey pre-sliced containers of it. We get why they're so tempting—watermelons are huge, heavy, and filled with delicious juice that can get all over the place if you don't use the proper technique to cut them.

Here’s a fuss-free way to handle the slippery job yourself. We recommend having a freshly-sharpened 8-inch chef's knife on hand and a cutting board that's large enough to handle your watermelon for the job. Once you’ve nailed it, check out our roundup of delicious watermelon recipes.

Follow These Steps

  1. Slice watermelon in half around the “equator.”
  2. Lay halves on a cutting board with the wide, flat ends facing down.
  3. Working from top to bottom, use a chef’s knife to cut off the skin in strips, following the curve of the melon.
  4. With the halves still standing, make even, parallel slices through the top.
  5. Rotate watermelon 90 degrees and slice again.
  6. Holding the slices together, turn the watermelon onto its side, so your knife is at a right angle to the most recent slices.
  7. Make parallel slices along the length of the watermelon to create cubes.