It’s easier than you think.

By Real Simple
Updated October 10, 2017

Quinoa has experienced a spike in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. It’s high in protein and fiber, has a lot of staying power, and offers the same energy you would get from meat, without the cholesterol or fat. We also love it for its versatility: It can be the base for a variety of healthy meals, whether it’s a protein-packed breakfast bowl or a flavorful salmon dinner. When it’s properly prepared, it’s flavorful and fluffy—but when cooked incorrectly it can result in a mushy mess. Rinsing the quinoa removes any bitterness, and cooking it in chicken broth (vegetarians can sub vegetable broth) infuses the grain with flavor as it cooks. Always follow the 1:2 ratio (1 part quinoa to two parts water), which will leave you with grains that are tender, but not mushy.