This will become your new go-to method.

Whether you’re feeding the kids breakfast or entertaining guests for brunch, there’s a good bet bacon is on the menu. But cooking it on the stovetop can quickly become a mess, what with the constant flipping and splattering of the bacon grease. Our incredibly simple solution? Baking it in the oven (for just 20 minutes!), which not only eliminates splatters, but also makes the cooking process entirely hands-off. Additionally, it allows you to cook up to 8 pieces at once (or more, if you’re using one more than sheet tray), meaning everyone can sit down and enjoy breakfast together. The use of foil and a rack make cleanup a breeze, too. Serve the crispy crowd-pleaser aside eggs and toast, and use any extra as a topping for Bloody Marys. Feel free to use this method in recipes that call for cooking bacon on the stovetop, unless the grease or bacon fat from the pan is part of the final dish.

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