Does your dinner table turn into chaos or does everyone sit in silence? Get tips on how to bond with your family.

To get your family talking and sharing, play some games at the table. Try “Two Truths and a Lie:” Each family member names three things that happened to them that day, two of them true and one of them false; everyone tries to guess which statement is false. Or have everyone share the best and worst thing that happened to them that day.

Try using Real Simple’s conversation starters wheel for fun questions that will perk up your dinner table, such as “You can’t time travel, but you can send one object back in time to anyone you want. What would you send, and whom would you send it to?”

Have everyone write down one nice thing about someone else at the table anonymously, read the notes out loud, and try to guess who wrote each compliment. Or hold a joke competition during dinnertime to get everyone laughing.