Wow your guests with this charming (and tasty!) brunch.

Delight friends and family with these dainty crepes, which can be served with fresh fruit, sugar, and Nutella for a perfect Sunday morning spread. Crepes are surprisingly simple to make, and the addition of edible flowers makes them all the more impressive. Begin by mastering the basic crepe (don’t be discouraged if it takes a few rounds of practice), then sprinkle on the edible flowers of your choosing. For maximum visual appeal, use a variety of colors and sizes, such as carnations, daisies, pansies, and marigolds. (A wide selection is available online here.) To help you flip the crepe, loosen the edges with a spatula first, which will prevent the crepe from sticking to the pan. The finished crepes shouldn’t take on much color from cooking, so if they’re dark or crispy in parts that’s a sign that your heat is turned up too high. We recommend serving these as part of a DIY crepe bar that pairs a stack of edible flower crepes with bowls of delicious toppings. Just be sure to use organic flowers (which will be free of pesticides or fungicides), and save any extras to use in ice cubes, as cupcake toppers, or to garnish a summery cocktail.

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