Hopefully, it will include the ultimate coffee recipe.

Courtesy of Kickstarter

Everyone who has watched an episode of Gilmore Girls knows that you can’t do anything without snacks. Given that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore—the show’s mother-daughter namesakes—seem to have bottomless stomachs and insatiable appetites, it was only a matter of time before someone compiled their favorite foods and recipes into a cookbook. 

Kristi Carlson, a foodie and Gilmore fanatic, has launched a Kickstarter project to fund her recipe collection, Eat Like a Gilmore. Currently, the project has 97 backers who have pledged roughly $4,000 out of her $20,000 goal, with about a month left. Carlson plans to divide her cookbook into three sections: foods from a small-town diner, foods to serve at a Friday night dinner, and foods you may serve at a charming inn. Carlson cites several infamous Stars Hollow recipes, like Sookie’s magic risotto, as well as some of the far-fetched Gilmore creations, like a s’mores wedding cake, all of which she will test and attempt to recreate in her recipe anthology. Plus, prepare to finally cook and taste the pure deliciousness of a burger from Luke's Diner.

If all of this is making your stomach grumble, you might consider backing the project. Carlson plans to develop at least 60 recipes along with a recipe tester, to make sure the book is full of fun foods for everything from a movie marathon to a fancy holiday party. While you wait for the book to go to print, you could grab a few bags of candy (Pop Tart appetizer optional) and have a Gilmore marathon tonight.