This simple strategy even works on kids who are picky eaters—I got mine to try kale chips. 

By Sara Austin
June 14, 2018

Whoever said “many hands make light work” has not attempted to make dinner with my children. Add 10 minutes prep time to teach basic skills like cracking an egg; another 10 minutes to break up a fight over who gets to crack the egg; and still 10 more minutes cleaning up the egg that inevitably got dropped on the floor. Voila! Suddenly I’ve spent a full hour making an easy 30-minute recipe.

Nevertheless, I want to cook more with my girls (Summer, 10, and Felicity, 6). It’s satisfying to see them learn kitchen skills they will use for life. I love passing down recipes and sharing family lore. Plus, when my children help make dinner, they are way more invested in eating it. Felicity ideally prefers a balanced diet of pancakes and Pop Tarts, but she will try kale chips if she’s the one that tore the leaves off the stems.

That’s why I set out to try some of the Real Simple Cooking School lessons alongside my daughters, to see if our team could make cooking with kids on a busy weeknight feasible…or even enjoyable. Attempt One: How to Make the Fluffiest Frittata With Whatever You Have in the Fridge. Here’s what we learned.

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