From finding the best roasting stick to crafting the ultimate s'more, we have everything you need to know.

By Real Simple
Updated August 21, 2015
Credit: Iain Bagwell/Getty Images

Whether you're camping out in the backyard, or just treating your family to a night of cooking by the fire, you need this week's episode of "Things Cooks Know." Hosts Sarah Humphreys and Sarah Karnasiewicz talk everything you should know about camping—from expert roasting techniques to delicious recipe ideas.

When prepping a foolproof fire, everyone knows the wood should be dry. But Karnasiewicz warns the same rule doesn't apply to the stick—a slightly damp stick is a safer option since it won't immediately ignite in the fire. She also has a few cooking tips that will elevate your campfire dinner. If you're roasting hot dogs, channel the state fair and surround your hot dog in something delicious—like biscuit dough or bacon—for an even better grilled treat. The best part is that you can place the hot dog on a stick and let the kids cook them on their own (just make sure the sticks are long!). Both also have a few tips for the perfect s'mores technique, plus a few ways to take this classic summer dessert to the next level (have you ever had a s'more with Nutella?!).

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