Barbecue Primer

An intro to barbecue styles, events, drink pairings, and more, plus recipes and products to satisfy your ‘cue cravings.

What to Look for in a Good Barbecue Restaurant

With the thousands of barbecue joints out there, it’s hard to know which to choose. Follow these tips to find the tastiest, most authentic smoked meat (and sides) around.

Guide to Barbecue Festivals and Cook-Offs

Can’t get enough of finger-lickin’, smoking-good ‘cue? Browse our roundup of some of the best barbecue events in the country.

Great Grilling Gear

Tame your flame with these 12 handy tools.


Add Flavor

What to Drink With Barbecue

Whether you’re chowing down on ribs slathered in a sweet, tomato-based sauce or on pulled pork in a tangy vinegar dressing, follow these tips to find the perfect beverage to go with it.

7 Refreshing Summer Beers

Barbecues and bonfires at the beach are even better with these delicious brews.