6 Unexpected Yet Delicious Ways to Use Up the Mayo in Your Fridge

This ingredient's good for way more than potato salad. Here are delicious ideas for how to polish off your next mayo jar.

Mayo is a versatile emulsion made from oil, egg yolk, and acid (typically vinegar or lemon juice). As summer gets closer and closer, we’re plotting every delicious pasta and potato salad we’ll be making with mayo for backyard barbecues and beach picnics. But this ingredient is good for a lot more than just salads! Read on for fun, fresh ways you can finish off your next jar. You can make it yourself or find our favorite type of Hellman's mayo here.

Use it as a marinade

Brush a thin coat of mayonnaise on meat, poultry, seafood, or veggiesto help prevent them from sticking to the grill. This step also seals in the natural flavors and juices and prevents your protein from drying out.

Make a delicious dip

Mayonnaise makes a mean summer dip for chips and veggies. Mix it with avocado, cilantro, and lime for a delicious spin on guacamole, or stir with lemon juice, chives, Dijon, and sour cream for the perfect herbed crudité dip. You can also do as the Belgians do and dip crispy veggies or fries into straight mayo.

Fluff up your eggs

To make your morning eggs super fluffy, stir in a tablespoon of mayo per two eggs before scrambling them.

Upgrade your grilled cheese

Looking for a quick crowd pleaser? Assemble your grilled cheese sandwich ingredients and brush the outside of the bread with mayonnaise before throwing it on the grill or stovetop. It will make the sandwich super crisp, rich, and add an extra tart-and-tangy touch.

Stir into salad dressing

Mayonnaise is the ideal base for any creamy salad dressing. Grab any ingredients you have on hand (like fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sriracha, lime, or mustard), stir them with mayo, add a bit of vinegar and spices for zip and voila. You can make creamy Blue cheese, Ranch, Spicy Sriracha, or Lemon Herb dressings in minutes.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Baking with mayo is a “thing,” we swear! It’s a great ingredient to keep pie crusts from crumbling and cake batter super moist. Try swapping your egg with 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise in your next chocolate cake recipe.

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