Your morning oatmeal just got better with this easy-to-make topping.

Ananda Eidelstein

Oatmeal in the morning can be both warming and refreshing. Whether you choose a nourishing bowl of warm oats or chilled overnight oats, there’s an easy way to take it up a notch (much needed if you’re having oatmeal day in and day out). With a blend of roasted almonds, toasted coconut flakes, and flaky sea salt, oatmeal is transformed in a snap. 

This versatile mix can be a healthful topper whether you make your oatmeal from scratch, add fruit, or use a microwaveable pack. The almonds add crunch that battles the, er, mushiness of the oatmeal, while the coconut brings a hint of sweetness. But the flaky salt is the secret ingredient. It enhances all the flavors as a whole, creating balance, and transforming a boring bowl of mush into a delicious breakfast. 

Start with equal parts chopped roasted and unsalted almonds and coconut flakes. For the coconut flakes, look for the larger chips. They will provide more texture and flavor. If you have shredded coconut on hand (preferably unsweetened), that’ll work, but keep in mind these will toast quicker. To toast the coconut flakes, heat a large skillet over medium and toast the coconut chips, stirring frequently, until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Let cool.

Mix the almonds, toasted coconut flakes, and a pinch of flaky sea salt (use a pinch per 1/2 cup nut mix) until well combined. Use it on top of your oatmeal or stir it in for even more texture. Keep it in a sealed container for a few weeks, but you'll probably eat it before then. 

Not only is it a breakfast upgrade, but a healthy one, too. Almonds are packed with fiber and magnesium, and coconut is a good source of potassium.

Don’t stop at oatmeal. This good-for-you mix is a great way to top your favorite hot cereal, yogurt, or a stack of Gluten-Free Banana-Blueberry Pancakes.

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