This adorable snowman has a festive sprinkle hat and sugar pearl eyes and buttons. Watch the video to learn how to create him.

What You Need

  • sugar cookies, large tweezers ($10;, white cookie icing, icing bottles ($20;, toothpick, paper plate, colored sprinkles, offset spatula, blue and yellow sugar pearls

Follow These Steps

  1. Using tweezers, select orange sprinkles from the mix and set aside. These will form the snowman’s carrot nose.
  2. Using a bottle filled with white icing, outline the hat portion of the cookie, leaving a slight border from the edge of the cookie. Fill in the hat with icing.

    Tip: Using an icing bottle with a tip gives you more control. You can also buy pre-packaged tubes of icing at the supermarket.
  3. Using a toothpick, pop any air bubbles in the icing.
  4. On a paper plate, sprinkle the cookie with colored sprinkles, making sure to cover the icing completely. Shake off the excess sprinkles.

    Tip: An inexpensive paper plate is best. Conserve the excess sprinkles by bending the plate and pouring the sprinkles back into its original container for future use.
  5. Use a toothpick to smooth out and even the bottom of the hat.
  6. Outline the rest of the cookie in white icing.
  7. Fill in the cookie with icing and smooth out with an offset spatula.

    Tip: Shake the cookie after smoothing out the icing to eliminate bumps and allow the icing to settle.
  8. Using tweezers, place the blue sugar pearls for eyes, orange sprinkle for the nose, and yellow sugar pearls for the buttons.
  9. Let dry for 12 hours.

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