And it’s good!

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Baking (and cooking!) can be a meditative activity. It can be filled with the sounds of silence and all you hear are the rhythms of the kitchen: the electric mixer at medium speed, the clinking of measuring spoons, the sugar cascading into a bowl. But sometimes, a lot of times, if we’re being honest we need to pump it up. And thanks to Mindy’s rocking playlist on Amazon’s Music Unlimited we’ve been doing just that.

Whether you choose to make one of these 5 delicious dump cakes or one of these irresistible creations, Mindy’s choice of music for baking is quite the adventure. It got us through a day of recipe developing in the test kitchen and prepping for a surprise baby shower for the boss. And for you, it’ll give you the energy you need to stay alert for all that measuring, since baking is indeed a science. While also making you want to dance around and hold that rubber spatula like a microphone to Beyonce’s Love on Top—which Mindy herself says it’s pretty fun to do. John Legend’s Love Me Now is also at the top of the playlist and let’s be real, just like Mindy, it’s the closest we’ll all get to baking with Chrissy Teigen.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and currently facing withdrawals, Mindy’s got you and included a track from the show because according to the star, it’s “a very dramatic way to wait while rich treats are in the oven.” Make this Classic Chocolate Layer Cake to see what she means.

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So do yourself a favor: pick a recipe or two, get in the kitchen, turn up this playlist, and picture yourself baking in a music video.