Bakeries are turning out dozens of Clinton- and Trump-inspired baked goods.

As Election Day draws closer and early voters begin casting ballots, polling sites won't be the only places gathering votes. Bakeries all over the country are dishing out candidate-themed treats, and some, such as Busken Bakery in Cincinnati, OH, will use their sales to try to predict the next president (see their current tally here). In fact, the bakery’s Cookie Poll has accurately predicted every sitting U.S. president since it began the poll in 1984.

Cookies seem to be the most popular dessert to carry the candidates’ faces, and bakeries use a variety of techniques to apply the design. Busken stamps and sprays the faces, Cupcake Market in NYC handpaints them (with impressive detail), and Tampa, FL-based Alessi Bakeries prints edible images on each cookie. Many, like Busken, keep a running tally of cookies sold.

In addition to cookies, some bakeries are also reviving the trend of making Election Cakes, which are spiced, naturally-leavened fruit cakes that date back to colonial America. As part of a nationwide project started by Owl Bakery in Asheville, NC, participating bakeries and home bakers are sharing their election cakes with the hashtag #makeamericacakeagain. More than 250 posts have been uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag, and it seems most of the cakes are baked in standard size or mini bundt pans. 

Check out the photos below for a variety of Hillary and Donald desserts, and be sure to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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