Life is good.

By Real Simple
Updated June 22, 2016
Credit: John Moore/Getty Images

Every corporate office comes to life when someone brings in a Girl Scout cookie sign up sheet for his or her child. Grown adults race to order a few boxes of Samoas, a few boxes of Tagalongs, and of course, a healthy supply of Thin Mints. But if you crave those delicious flavors year-round, Pillsbury just made it simple: they've collaborated with Girl Scouts of the USA to create boxed mixes of two favorite Girl Scout treats.

The mixes aren’t exactly like the cookies you order every year. Instead, Pillsbury and Girl Scouts are making brownie, blondie, and cupcake mixes available in Thin Mint and Samoa (“caramel and coconut”) flavors. All of the mixes are made without artificial colors or preservatives, and will be available in grocery stores nationwide.

“We are very pleased about our licensing relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA, as our brands share a similar personality of happiness and fun—a common characteristic of bringing people together,” J.M. Smucker Company representative Maribeth Burns said in a statement. “We hope these fan-favorite flavors encourage baking amongst friends and family alike.”