A Donut Cake You’ll Want to Stop Everything to Make

It's easy. It's beautiful. It's made of donuts. In other words: It's your dream come true.


Build the base

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Depending on the size of cake you want, wrap a 16- to 24-inch Styrofoam cone (available at Amazon, craft stores, or florist suppliers) with wax paper or tin foil. (This creates a clean, food safe surface for the donuts.)


Gather your ingredients

Covering a 24-inch cone requires approximately 225 donut holeswhatever varieties you likeand an equal number of toothpicks. To make your cake extra festive, you might also want to pick up a few flower blossoms (real or silk) or other cake toppers to tuck into the cake at the end.


Make a circle

Begin at the base of the cone. Press a toothpick into the foam so that half of it is sticking out. Then, spear a donut hole onto the toothpick. (The toothpick should not go all the way through the donut.) Continue, making sure the toothpicks and donuts are tightly packed, until the first ring is complete. Then, make another ring above the that, staggering the donuts so that they do not fall in a straight line. If you want to play with pattern, vary the type of donut used in each ring—or, keep it simple and leave the cake monochromatic.


Go up, up, up

Continue with this method, securing the donuts with toothpicks in staggered rings around the cone, until you reach the top. Top the cone with one final donut so that the entire surface is covered. Assembly will take approximately 45 minutes.


Add finishing touches

If desired, tuck flowers and other decorations into the gaps between the donut holes. Serve immediately or wrap loosely with aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.