DIY Slice-and-Bake Cookies

A refrigerated or frozen log of dough means you can have cookies in a snap 
 for unexpected guests or late-night cravings. Follow this easy, three-step technique for shaping a flawless (no flat sides!) roll.



Photo by Melinda Josie

In the middle of a 12-inch-long sheet of parchment paper, shape the cookie dough into a log that’s slightly wider than the desired diameter of the finished cookie.



Photo by Melinda Josie

Fold one side of the parchment over the log. Press a ruler firmly against the length of the dough while pulling the bottom of the sheet of parchment toward you. Continue pressing and pulling, making sure you apply even pressure, until the log 
 is smooth and reaches the desired diameter.



Photo by Melinda Josie

Roll the remaining parchment around the log, then gently twist both ends closed. To prevent one side from flattening in the refrigerator, roll the log in a thick layer of wrapping paper if you’re gifting, or slit open the long side of a paper-towel tube and place the log inside.