Easy Cake Decorating Techniques and Baking Tips

Watch how-to videos and get ideas and advice for baking, frosting, and decorating beautiful cakes.

How to Decorate a Cake With Fresh Strawberries

Creating a beautiful cake doesn’t require professional skills or fancy equipment. Here’s an easy way to dress up your cake using fresh strawberries.

How To Decorate the Sides of a Cake

Coating the sides of your cake is a great way to conceal a not-so-perfect frosting job, and it adds dimension and fun to any cake.

Mix-and-Match Cake Toppings

Turn up your cake's wow factor with these finishing touches.


Baking Advice

How to Prepare Cake Pans

Preparing your cake pans the right way is crucial to the success of your cake. Learn how to prep them properly to ensure your cakes come out of the pans cleanly every time.