Real Simple editors share their secrets and strategies to selling out fast.

May 30, 2017
RuthBlack/Getty Images

Make It Multicolor

Kids think Rice Krispy treats are so special for some reason. But they take 15 minutes to make—no mixing, no baking, no cooling, no frosting! Even better than regular Rice Krispy treats are the ones made with Fruity Pebbles. Personally, I think that’s kind of gross, but my 7-year-old can’t resist the rainbow colors and picks that pretty much every single time. —Elizabeth Passarella, contributing editor

Have Fun With the Frosting—or the Name

One of my top tricks is to place the cupcakes on an inexpensive decorative cake board (like this one) and match the color of the frosting to the color of the board. At a recent bake sale, I received many compliments on that presentation, and even better, the cupcakes sold well. At that same bake sale, I noticed that a puff pastry dessert with a very authentic-sounding name was selling briskly, even though it didn’t look like much. I don’t remember the name, but it sounded like an old family recipe. —Mary Beth Protomastro, contributing copy editor (and 2014 Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist)

Give It a Lift

There’s a mom at our school who puts her cupcakes on a lightweight metal cake stand instead of the tin trays or paper plates most of us use. Sneaky! Hers definitely stand out more and get scooped up faster. —Betsy Goldberg, deputy editor

Bundle Up

There was a bake sale in my town recently and I wanted to buy about five or 10 dollars’ worth of treats, but each item was $1 apiece, and somehow trying to decide on each thing seemed like a hassle. I wish they packaged things together in sets so I didn’t have to think about what to pick. I’m pretty sure they would sell more by bundling. —Rebecca Hart, art director

Doctor Up an Easy Dessert

I add a little dry pudding mix to my cupcake batter (from a boxed mix) to make it more moist and give it a decadent texture. —Brandi Broxson, articles editor