Don’t be deceived by how pretty they are.

By Heath Goldman
May 11, 2017
cloud eggs
Heath Goldman

Fluffy, golden-brown egg whites surround a barely-set yolk. They’re called egg clouds. And they’ve been getting a lot of attention on Instagram because they’re pretty darn cute. You might have seen the photos and effusive captions, “The next best thing to happen to brunch since bacon” or “Heavenly eggs” or even “The new ‘it’ breakfast.” Many folks are comparing them to unicorn foods—they’re just as magical, without all of the crazy food dye. We decided to cook up a batch to see if they taste as eggscellent as they look.

They’re pretty simple to make: you separate egg whites from their yolks, beat the whites until stiff, and fold in chopped herbs and/or grated Parmesan. Then you mound the foam into little piles on a sheet tray, nestle the egg yolks into the centers, and bake until the whites turn golden brown.

Beaten egg whites are the foundation of many foods we love, like meringues, sponge cake, and soufflés. But we were skeptical of eating them on their own.

One bite was all it took to cut through the hocus-pocus: egg clouds taste disgusting. Unsurprisingly, the baked egg whites lacked any texture. What’s more, they weren’t completely cooked through. Partially raw, over-whipped egg whites aren’t exactly what we want to eat first thing in the morning (or ever). Nor did we feel like slurping down the jiggly, warm yolks (they go in the oven at the last minute, just to remove the cold edge). While they’re certainly photogenic, we’d take every other type of egg over the Instagram sensation any day—and you should, too.