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chrissy teigen cocktail
chrissy teigen cocktail
| Credit: Getty Images for SMIRNOFF

When it comes to cocktails, and everything else that she makes, Chrissy Teigen likes to keep things simple and down to earth. Her cookbook Cravings is full of straightforward recipes that pack a punch from flavorful ingredients like chiles and Thai basil.

That’s why her go-to beverage is a vodka soda. It takes seconds to mix up, not to mention that it’s kind to her waistline. Her vodka of choice? Smirnoff, because it’s inexpensive and tastes just as good as the fancier brands.

“I don’t go too crazy with cocktails,” Teigen said in an interview with Real Simple. But when she does want to take her game up a notch, she likes adding whole or grated nutmeg to mixed drinks or punch bowls. “I enjoy using spices. I love showing off what’s in the drink when you see it. I will throw [whole] nutmeg in,” Teigen said. Although nutmeg might conjure visions of holiday eggnog, it also sometimes stars in Thai cocktails, enhancing fruity flavors.

It’s unsurprising then that she always has a microplane when she’s bartending at home. “I think a fresh new microplane, there’s something so beautiful about it, how finely it grates and how versatile it is,” Teigen said. What’s more, she likes to keep her tools pared down because she doesn’t, “believe in shakers or all of that stuff.”

Other than stirring up a vodka soda, if you want to take a leaf out of Chrissy Teigen’s book we recommend sprinkling some ground nutmeg over your favorite fruity cocktail, such as these Rum and Grapefruit Spritzers or this Bourbon Orange Smash.