Chobani is rebranding for its 10th anniversary.

By Liz Steelman
November 28, 2017

There’s no doubt that Greek yogurt has become a big part of your breakfast diet in the past ten years—but I’m sure you’ve never thought of your plastic container as anything glamorous. Well, prepare yourself, because your favorite breakfast just got a whole lot more chic. Today, Chobani announced new packaging in honor of their 10th anniversary next year.

While the Greek yogurt brand launched U.S. distribution in 2008, they’re kicking off their 10th anniversary early with a whole new eye-catching look. The new packaging features watercolor fruits, vibrant colors, and a vintage-inspired serif font—it’s strikingly modern, but also has a hip, retro feel to it.

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Here’s the new packaging for their single serving yogurts:

And the new packaging for Chobani Flips:

Don’t worry—though the packaging might be new, the company promises that it’s still the same yogurt you know and love. However, they are coming out with a line of new yogurt as well as new flavors of your favorites. Chobani Flips will come in honey crunch bunch, tropical daybreak, and a limited batch buttercrunch blast flavor. Other flavors hitting stores include Chobani whole milk vanilla chocolate chunk, cherry vanilla blended, and mint chocolate chunk.

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And for those looking for a slightly sweet yet substantial start their day, the new “A Hint Of” yogurts will feature natural ingredients, and real fruits and spices with only 9 grams of natural sweeteners and 12 grams of protein in each cup. The new line will roll out in the Pacific, Northeast, and Florida markets next month before becoming available nationwide.