In addition to giving you your caffeine fix every morning, this 3-in-1 coffee brewing system is much more economical than making a trip to the coffee shop every morning.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated October 01, 2018
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Adrian Delsi

If there's one thing you're probably spending too much money on, it's caffeine. Sure, your morning cup of coffee may seem more than necessary once your alarm begins blaring, but nothing is more eye-opening than realizing how much cash a daily cold brew habit could cost you. (A 5-dollar cup will set you back $35 bucks a week, which adds up to a grand total of $1,825 per year.) That number alone—plus the sheer amount of plastic cups, straws and lids you're consuming on an annual basis—is enough for anyone to consider a change to their pricey caffeine routine.

But sometimes the appeal of a to-go cup of joe is too great, especially when you're short on time or too tired to brew your own beverage at home. Which is exactly why we're loving the latest culinary gadget from Chef'n: A 3-in-1 coffee brewing system that's bound to save you a few debit card transactions each week.

Adrian Delsi

The 3-in-1 craft coffee brewing system ($79; is so much more than just a French press. You can easily make a classic cup of hot coffee, of course, but the stackable glass set allows you to seamlessly whip up a cold brew or pour over, too. Simply follow the kit's accompanying instructions and you've got a perfect cup of coffee prepped from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Adrian Delsi

The best part: The compact set can be easily stored in your fridge, so you can sip and stash your coffee for later. Pick one up for yourself here, or gift a kit to your coffee-obsessed friends during the holidays.