Tired of Avocado Toast? Try TikTok's Latest Trend—Yogurt Toast—Instead

Learn how to make this viral breakfast.

yogurt toast with strawberries
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Move over, avocado toast. There's a newer, sweeter toast in town that's currently going viral on TikTok. That's right, the social media platform that brought us baked feta pasta and cloud bread is now gifting us with a trendy breakfast option. As you may have guessed given its moniker, yogurt toast involves both yogurt and toast, but it's a bit more elevated than that.

While there's no one standard recipe for yogurt toast, the meal typically includes a combination of yogurt and egg mixed together and slathered on a piece of bread (often sourdough), which is then popped in the air fryer or oven until it gets crispy, and finally topped with fresh fruit. The yogurt and egg combo creates a custard-like base, and when it's garnished with fresh fruit it basically tastes like you're eating dessert for breakfast. Who doesn't love that?!

What's so great about this TikTok trend is that you can customize it exactly to your liking. For example, if you love eating Greek yogurt, feel free to use that tart snack as the base of your toast. Not a fan of fresh fruit? Top your toast with chocolate chips and chopped nuts instead. And yes, there's even vegan yogurt toast out there for all of you plant-based eaters.

To date, the #yogurttoast tag on TikTok has more than 20 million views and hundreds of videos detailing how to make this sweet and savory treat. We combed through dozens on TikToks and compiled a list of tips that will help you create your ideal version of this viral meal. Scroll down for more details!

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Experiment with different types of yogurt

Yogurt toast works with virtually any type of yogurt. Plain Greek and Icelandic yogurts will create a more tart base, while flavored yogurts will leave you with a toast that's a tad sweeter. Many TikTokers pair a berry-flavored yogurt with a fresh berry topping, which creates a nice symmetry to the dish, while others prefer to use plain yogurt mixed with a little honey to easily make the snack a bit sweeter. No matter what yogurt you top the toast with, be sure to use the back of a spoon or fork to create a small well in the bread so the yogurt doesn't overflow when you pour it on top.

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Try the French toast version

For a take on this trend that's reminiscent of some practically perfect French toast, add some cinnamon and maple syrup to the yogurt and egg mixture. Then, once the toast is done cooking, top it with some powdered sugar and another drizzle of maple syrup. To take things a step further, try using a slice of challah bread instead of sourdough or wheat bread.

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Have fun with the toppings

Many of the yogurt toast recipes on TikTok call for a topping of fresh blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, (or a combination of the three), but there's no rule saying you can't have a bit more fun with the garnish. This recipe calls for a chocolate chip topping, while this one kicks things up a notch and dresses the toast with a cocoa-infused yogurt and a handful of chocolate chips mixed with chopped nuts. Citrus fans can also top the toast with Cara Cara orange or grapefruit segments.

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Go vegan

For a vegan version of this toast, opt for a plant-based yogurt like cashew yogurt or yogurt made with oat milk. Then, instead of an egg, follow this TikToker's lead and use a combination of chickpea flour and water, and proceed as normal. Other vegan options include substituting the egg for a combination of blended coconut yogurt and tofu.

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Opt for a crème brûlée makeover

For an especially classy version of this toast, feel free to give it the crème brûlée treatment. This entails topping brioche with egg and yogurt mixture, and popping it in the air fryer for a few minutes until it starts to turn golden. Then, remove it from the air fryer, sprinkle some sugar on top, and torch it so the top gets nice and crispy, just like crème brûlée.

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