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Grilled Scallops With Corn Salad

This recipe hides a game-changing grilling tip for scallops: thread them onto side-by-side skewers so they lay flat and are easier to flip. The scallops are paired with a grilled corn and poblano pepper salad, which gets a cumin-spiced lime dressing. Served over salad greens, this light, gluten-free recipe is long on flavor and light on work. Got leftovers? Tuck the extras into tortillas for a twist on fish tacos. Pair it all with some ice-cold beers (and a pool, if you’ve got one) for the essence of summer.

Cheesy Heirloom Tomato Tart

Here’s a universal truth about good recipes: Smart steps lead to better cooking. In the case of this tomato tart recipe, that includes pre-seasoning the tomatoes so that they release excess juices. Doing this means that the tomato liquid doesn’t seep out and make the tart soggy. These top an herbed Cheddar-mayonnaise mixture and crispy phyllo sheets for something part Southern tomato pie and part spanakopita. A green salad with cucumbers and avocado would be a nice addition to make this meal heartier.

German Beet-and-Potato Salad

Steam-roasting the beets and potatoes in this easy salad recipe makes them tender and creamy without relying on a lot of oil. A traditional German potato salad calls for boiling the potatoes, but this is an easier, hands-off method that takes care of both the potatoes and beets at once. They get tossed with crispy bacon and a cidery-mustard vinaigrette for a new take on a classic salad. Serve alongside roasted chicken, grilled steak, or, of course, sausages.

Pan-Seared Chicken Cutlets With Summer Corn Succotash

What the title doesn’t mention: this perfect-pan seared chicken dinner plus succotash is a one-pan meal. What it also doesn’t mention: the chicken is so darn perfect because it’s seared in bacon grease. That’s right, the bacon that goes into the corn succotash is brilliantly cooked in the skillet first until it’s crisp, and then reserved. But you don’t wipe the pan clean. Instead, you add the chicken and cook it until it’s golden brown and crispy. Then you finish off the succotash in just a few minutes, adding fresh corn kernels, frozen lima beans, chick stock, and scallions. Winner winner.

Easy Fresh Fruit Sodas

Making a delicious, refreshing drink is as easy as picking your favorite fruit and following this easy fruit soda recipe. After puréeing the fruit in a food processor until smooth, you’ll strain it to get a juice. Combined with simple syrup and sparkling water and this is as delicious as any fancy mocktail you could buy. This recipe lends itself well to upgrades like fresh mint, a squeeze of lemon juice, or a dash of bitters. It’s worth seeking out peak-season fruit for the sodas. The riper the summer fruit is, the less simple syrup you’ll need!

Crunchy Broccolini With Lemon and Pecans

If you’re looking for a great make-ahead side for picnics or potlucks then look no further. The roasted broccolini loses some of its trademark bitterness in the oven, and picks up deliciously crispy charred edges, while the additional brunch of raw broccolini makes sure this retains bright freshness. Tossed with a fresh lemon-honey dressing, this is a balanced and original approach to a standard green side dish. The broccolini would taste delicious alongside any protein, but crispy, skin-on chicken would be particularly delicious.

Kiwi-Cucumber Relish

If you’ve thought all the relishes have been invented, then you thought wrong. Kiwi brings an unexpected pop of sweetness and texture to this spicy relish. The green on green tones of the relish are so pretty alongside anything it’s paired with. Serve alongside grilled fish or chicken, drizzled over pan-seared halloumi, or with poached shrimp. Shopping tip: To test if a kiwi is ripe, press the fruit with your thumb. If it gives slightly, then you know it’s ready to eat.

Red and Green Chilaquiles

What does chips plus eggs plus chicken plus a richly-flavored tomato sauce equal? A delicious meal any time of day, that’s what. To make the chilaquiles, you’ll turn regular corn tortillas into cumin-spiced chips. Those get mixed into a tomato-chicken base and topped with fried eggs and spicy jalapeños. This version doesn’t call for any cheese, but crumbled cotija would be right at home here. Serve right on the table with lime wedges and some light, refreshing beers.

Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Few things are more refreshing at a mid-day meal than a tall glass of sweet tea. But too often, what arrives at lunch is an overly bitter glass of brown brew or a pale and watery pour. We like to make our own so we can control the strength and the sweetness. When brewed strong and sweetened, tea can get cloudy, but our friends in Birmingham tipped us off to a secret ingredient that not only cuts the bitterness but also makes clear tea. And it’s already in your pantry (or maybe your fridge): baking soda. Just an eighth of a teaspoon is enough to clarify 8 cups of tea.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito With Tofu Scramble

An easy and flavorful tofu scramble is the filling in this vegan breakfast burrito. The tofu so closely resembles scrambled eggs it’s hard to tell at first glance it’s not actually eggs. Seasoned with ground turmeric, cumin, and nutritional yeast, the tofu cooks into a tasty filling. Make sure to drain the tofu and press on it with paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. Enjoy this vegan breakfast burrito stuffed with a tofu scramble at home or even on the go. Wrapped in foil or parchment paper it’s a great option for those mornings on the run.