Joseph De Leo
Hands-On Time
5 Mins
Total Time
5 Mins
Serves 1

Find yourself a quiet few minutes and cut all of the red sour candy tape into triangles, cut the licorice into even pieces, and crush the chocolate cookies. Place everything into little bowls before you start so your ingredients are organized. Then, have at it. If you’d like your vampire hair to look as precise as that in the photo, follow these steps. Cut a piece of wax paper into a heart shape and place the top half of the heart an inch below the upper edge of the cupcake. Sprinkle the crushed cookies on the exposed frosting above the top of the heart and then remove the wax paper for a clean edge.

How to Make It

Step 1

Cut the licorice into one 1¼-inch piece and two ½-inch pieces. Sprinkle the top of the cupcake with the crumbs to make the hair. Place the chocolate-covered candies on the cupcake to make the eyes. Place the short licorice pieces to make the eyebrows and the long piece to make the mouth. Place the gummy tape at the end of the mouth to make the fangs.

Chef's Notes


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