The pink drink was first—now our editors got a taste of the purple drink.

By Madison Alcedo
Wendy Granger

Like its name suggests, Starbucks’ purple drink—the Internet’s newest new sensation—does have a strong purple hue thanks to two key ingredients: Tazo Passion Fruit Tea and a handful of fresh blackberries. The drink, which is similar to an iced tea latte, also includes vanilla soy milk and six pumps of vanilla syrup (if you order a venti).

This particular concoction is just one of many new drinks on the secret menu—a list of drinks that’s always centered around rumors and customer creations that go viral on social media. The baristas at this particular Starbucks had never seen the purple drink and even made one to try themselves.

The purple drink is light but has more floral notes than its pink counterpart—maybe because the passion fruit tea is flavored with hibiscus, passion fruit, and rose hips? However, the general consensus was that the vanilla is a little overpowering. Here, a few more thoughts from our editors:

“It sort of tastes like a candle. It’s a little too fragrant for me. I think I would like it more if there were less vanilla, or unsweetened milk.”

“I didn’t like the pink one—and this one is worse. It tastes and smells like a liquid blueberry muffin.”

“I liked the milkiness of it and the real berries (I liked the crunch of the seeds). However the color made me think of Dimetapp, and I thought it had a slightly medicinal taste. I would probably like it better as a blended beverage.”

“I thought it was refreshing and not-too-sweet. I liked the creaminess and the berries—it was like a smoothie without being as filling.”

“I couldn’t really taste the fruit in it—it was a bit creamier than I expected. It’s not as refreshing as the secret pink drink.”