5 Salad Bases That Last All Week in the Refrigerator

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If you’ve ever bought a big bag of mesclun greens with the hope that it will last all week in your fridge, you’ve more than likely been left sorely disappointed. By day two or three it’s usually a slimy mess. You could use one of these tips to make those greens last, but your best bet is to ditch the temperamental lettuce all together since there are plenty of other salad bases that won’t let you down mid-week.

5 Salad Bases That Will Last All Week

Prep a big batch of one of these salad bases on Sunday and they’ll be there for you—fresh, crunchy, and completely not wilted—the entire week. Then all that’s left to do is finish your base with the topping and dressing of your choice and you’ll be eating tasty salads all week long.


Update the Green Salad: Brussels Sprouts + Mustard Greens + Green Apple

Photo by Christine Han

Combine shredded Brussels sprouts, torn mustard greens, and thinly sliced green apple. Toss everything with a big squeeze of lemon juice to keep the apples from browning. Brussels sprouts and mustard greens are both hearty enough that they won’t wilt as the week goes by. Cooked chicken makes this a meal, but this combination is equally wonderful dressed with a simple vinaigrette and served as a side.

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Join Team Spiralizer: Zoodles

Photo by Christine Han

Forget lettuce completely and look to the spiralizer to provide a quirky salad base. Make some zoodles (aka spiralized zucchini), and you’ve got a pretty base for crispy tofu or a big sprinkle of feta. Plus, cut this way, zucchini stays nice and firm, which means there’s no fear of soggy zoodles later in the week.

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Think Bold, Bitter & Beautiful: Kale + Radicchio

Photo by Christine Han

Chiffonade kale and radicchio and you’ve got colorful ribbons of hearty greens that will hold up for you throughout the week. They love the contrasting richness of an egg in any form, as well as a strong dressing.

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Forget the Fuss: Broccoli Slaw

Photo by Christine Han

No time to chop or spiralize veggies? Grab a bag of broccoli slaw instead. Made up of veggies that stay firm and crunchy all week, like broccoli stems and florets, cabbage, and carrots, it’s an instant salad base that’s extra satisfying. Creamy dressings work well, as does a saucy BBQ chicken.

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Keep It Simple and Elegant: Shaved Fennel

Photo by Christine Han

For a salad base that’s equally great for lunch as it is for that last-minute Wednesday night dinner party, try shaved fennel. Squeeze a little lemon juice over it so that it doesn’t brown and it will stay crunchy in your fridge all week long. Tossed in a light lemon vinaigrette, it’s crisp, refreshing, and a welcome addition to a nice dinner. It’s also sweet and tasty under flaked salmon for lunch; add in a handful or two of carrot ribbons if you want a little color in the mix.