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Churros With Chocolate Sauce

Making your own churros is easier and faster than you think. These are perfectly crunchy and delightfully sweet, and the cinnamon-sugar dusting really hits the spot. Wait until you dip it in the rich chocolate sauce—you’re in for a treat! (But if you’re more of a caramel fan, that works wonderfully, too). Impress guests or kids alike with a platter of this simple yet satisfying dessert. Make it a party and serve with ice cream, or go the untraditional route and add a pinch of allspice to the cinnamon-sugar mixture. The recipe calls for easy-to-find ingredients, so you have no excuse not to make this fried-dough pastry ASAP.

Funnel Cake

Transport yourself back in time to evenings at the county fair or nibbles at the neighborhood concession stand with these fried funnel cakes. Beloved for their crispy texture and fun pull-apart design, this doughy dessert is pure, simple fun. We bet you had no idea you could make them yourself! You’ll be pleased with how shockingly easy they are to make. As in, you could make these right this very moment. You likely have all the ingredients waiting for you in the pantry. A simple dusting of powdered sugar is all you need to finish off this classic favorite. What are you waiting for?

Glazed Cake Donuts

What a treat! These cake donuts are lightly sweetened and mildly spiced with nutmeg. It’s a fun recipe that makes just the right amount, and so simple to pull off. Take note that while you might be tempted to re-roll the scraps, you’ll end up with a layered donut of sorts (not that bad if you want to try your hand at a possible cronut). Instead, fry the scraps separately for donut-hole like bites. Go wild with the unlimited types of sprinkles, or enjoy with just the glaze. Either way, you can have these for breakfast or dessert, paired with a hot cup of coffee.

No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Pie With Cookie Crust

This uber-creamy no-bake pie will become your new favorite make-ahead dessert. The Oreo cookie crust is buttery and crisp, and adds just the right amount of crunch to the silky chocolate filling. The addition of sour cream gives the mousse just the slightest bit of tang, and keeps it from tasting too sweet. The longer the pie chills, the firmer it gets. Give it at least four hours, or better yet, let it sit in the fridge overnight. Top with crushed Oreos just before serving, whether you're enjoying it on Valentine's Day or poolside in the summer.

Cookies and Cream Crispy Treats

If you’re a cookies-and-cream fan, this treat is sure to become a favorite. The cream is scraped off each chocolate cookie and used to infuse the butter and marshmallows. Once all that is uniformly melted together, work quickly to make sure it doesn’t set before you toss it with the puffed rice cereal and Oreo cookie crumbs. We topped each square with flaky salt for a treat that even adults will not be able to resist. This is a fun and easy one to make with kids, or even if you’re strapped for time but want to make something from scratch.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Brownies

Not for the faint of heart, this trifecta was made with the brownie, cheesecake, and Oreo lovers in mind. The rich brownie batter has a layer of creamy cheesecake mixture, which is then topped with whole Oreos. More thick, chocolaty batter is spread on top and finished off with a cheesecake swirl. Work quickly on this one before the brownie batter sets—it’ll make swirling the cheesecake mixture much easier. Because these are super fudgy brownies, let them cool completely in the pan before trying to cut. Enjoy with a tall glass of cold milk.

Sesame Cookies With Cardamom and Orange Zest

A combination of granulated sugar and brown sugar is the key to the chewy center of these beautiful, sesame-flecked cookies. One simple way to add intense flavor to any dough is through a citrus zest and a spice. Here, orange zest and cardamom result in fragrant floral notes. If you love the recipe and want to give it your own spin on a second batch, grapefruit zest and ground ginger would marry well, as would lime with ground turmeric. Shopping tip: some grocery stores sell sesame seeds in the bulk section. Buying them here—rather than in jars—can be more affordable.

Make It Yourself: Pancake Mix

Pre-made pancake batter is convenient, sure, but the results (and lengthy ingredient lists) can be less than ideal. Our make-ahead mix features shelf-stable buttermilk powder, producing fluffy, tender, diner-esque short stacks. Prepare the mix today, then use the batter later for an easy Easter brunch. We cook pancakes in oil, not butter, which can burn. Spreading it onto the pan with a paper towel ensures even browning.

Rosemary-Garlic Chicken Thighs

Caramelized shallots are delicious, that’s a fact. But shallots caramelized in chicken drippings? That’s just next level. Here, they’re served with crispy chicken thighs, a rosemary-garlic sauce, and green beans, for a dinner that is rich and satisfying, yet balanced. If you want to make this even heartier, serve with buttered, toasted bread. Some grocery stores sell pre-peeled shallots, so if you’re willing to spend a bit more cash, they’ll speed prep up quite a bit. Serve this with a light, peppery red wine or a medium bodied white.

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs With Couscous

Looking for a fresh take on familiar flavors? Look no further than these lamb meatballs, which are seasoned with coriander, cumin, and mint. After browning them in a skillet to get a crispy crust, you’ll braise them in canned tomatoes. Those tomatoes sop up all the delicious drippings from the meatballs and get infused with the spices from the meatballs. Paired with a feta-and pistachio-studded couscous pilaf, this dinner is pretty enough to serve for guests, that is, if you’re willing to share.